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Amateur game dev who specializes in Italian style programming.

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It's been a busy few days, but the rest of the team and I am happy to say, Egg Rush is done! We started late to the jam, and in the end, only had ~3 days to actually work on it, but I'm quite satisfied with the result. Personally, I'm surprised we managed to pull it off since 90% of the game was done after the second day, the third day being playtesting and bug fixing. That's definitely the fastest any of us have ever made a game, let alone one that's, at least in our minds, fun. Though as a result of that crunch it's a bit shorter than I'd like it to be, the coolest PowerUp had to be cut for time, and it's a bit rough around the edges. The internal code is a bit messy due to not having the time to make it all nice and pretty, but at least we got the game in on time! We were discussing updating it after the jam to included a boss, but again, no guarantees. If you played the game and enjoyed it, do let us know your thoughts. If you want the game updated with additional content, let us know what you'd like.

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